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As you most likely know, there've been names changed in the translation of the exe games, so here's an incomplete list of the translations. These are GAME ONLY, so go somewhere else for anime dub names. And navi chips aren't listed if it's just the navi change or shortened.

Hikari Netto - Lan Hikari
Sakurai Meiru - Mayl Sakurai
Ayanokoji Yaito - Yai Ayano
Enzan Ijuin - Eugene Chaud
Oyama Dekao - Dex Ogreon

Dark - Dark in 2, Dusk in 5
Rokushakudama Nenji - Fyrefox
Magnets Telsa - Telsa Guass
Shun - Sean

Navis and final/important bosses.
Rockman.exe - Megaman.exe
Forte.exe - Bass.exe
Blues.exe - Protoman.exe
DreamVirus - LifeVirus
Proto - Alpha

SamuraiSword - Katana
DreamAura - LifeAura
BatShot - Pulsar
ForteAnother - Bass+(exe3)/BassAnthy(4)
BlueMoon Ray - BlueMoon
Meteo RedSun - RedSun
DeltaRayEdge - DeltaRay
DreamSword - LifeSword
Japan - Electopa
Ammeruope - Netopia

Yeah, I know it's REALLY incomplete, so I'll be updating when I learn more.
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