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Well, I have often though on this subject because Rock seems extremly weak compared to many navis he has defeated, and I finally have thought of a plausable explaination, so herer goes....
To start with, we need to look completly from a game perspective. While it is said most navis will use chips, in reality, Rockman seems to be the only navi who uses them fukllly. What I mean by this is that most navis use chips that suppliment their own abbilities, while Rockman, having no really noteworthy abbilities of his own, uses hundrends of diffrenyt chips, making him able to adapt to almost any situation fairly easily, which cannot be said for most navis,. even the chip using free-tourney navis of 4.
Next off, we must consider the fact that athough Rock is a non-elemental navi, he can easily become stronger or weaker vs a certain element via his body's unusual customizability. No where is the better seen than in 4.5 where without this, Rock is one of the least appealing navis to play as. This also extends to his buster, for with Style changes and souls, it changes from a rather annoying weapon without much real use to a possiably very powerful tool(expent in elec and wood styles >> imo) that can easily decide a battle.
Next, there is Rock's abbility to use the powers of other navis, which I can only explain by attributting it to his total lack of defining characteristics that would make him, like most other navis, completlly inflexiable and depentant on only themselves and their operaters. This abbiliy may also be in part do to his naivity in seeing good even where it does not exist, but I cant say for sure.
And finallly, part of Rock's power must be attributed to his human and and soul, because for all our faults, humans have one major advantage - No matter how hopeless the situation, how bad the odds, or how strong the foe, we refuse to simply give up and die/be defeated. Nowhere better is this demonstrated that in the endings of exe3 and exe5, in which Rock manages to surive and prevail despite a situation that would leave most completly defeated, especially in 5 because Rock reeverts momentarily to his human form - Saito Hikari, as whom he banish what is said to be a manifestation of man's evil soul.
So, in conclusion, no matter what reasons he gives for his powers, I beleive the above are the true explainations for the powers that defeated 5 of the most destructive creatures ever created.

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