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Well, I've finally decided to write a logical and non-offensive anti-exe anime page, so read and enjoy.

The major things I have against the EXE Anime:

- Forte.exe -
I find the anime's treatment of my favorite netnavi, Forte, to be awful. Not only did they fail to make his backstory correct, but they made him far weaker than he should be and fail to give him his signature attacks, like Earth Breaker, Air Burst, and Gospel force. Thus, the anime throughly ruined my favorite character for me...

- Saito Hikari -
Well, if you have played exe 1-3 or 5-6, you know that Rockman.exe is actually Netto's twin brother, Saito Hikari, and I see this as a major source of Rock's power, yet the anime disincludes Saito altogether. This rather ruins Rockman.exe and makes him unorigional, in my opinion.

-Navis Outside The Net-
One of the most important concepts, imo, in EXE, is that of two worlds that never touch eachother, yet the anime seems to love to smash this concept to peices. First, it was just navis in the real world, and then Cross-Fusion... I can also say that both of those concepts are impossiable, even with anime physics, though I cant use that against Copyroids, which have even infected the games.

- Netto in the Net Saviors -
The fact that, in the anime, Netto is in a police position violates yet another EXE Concept; that of a hero who is only around by coincidence.

I'll add more arguements as I think of them.

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